Introducing NewArc V3

Customer feedback is the driving force behind our product development process. It allows us to constantly evolve to meet your needs.

We couldn't help but notice that many users have told us, 'We want more control over the image generation process.' We get it. Using AI to come up with new, creative visuals is fantastic. But, when you have a specific image in mind, the randomness of the AI can be frustrating.

Another common request has been, 'We want images that look like real photos.' This makes sense too. Designers want their concepts to look really good when they show them to colleagues, clients, or factories. Ideally, an image should look like it was taken in a professional photoshoot, even if the product doesn't exist yet.

We're addressing these needs with our latest update, NewArc V3:

What's new in NewArc V3

  • Photorealistic images: Generated images now look like professional photos.
  • Improved prompt understanding: Our service better grasps and creates what you're imagining, giving you more control over the generation process.
  • Color input from your sketches: By adding color to your sketches, you can guide the AI to use colors you need in the generated image, offering you even more control.

Photorealistic images

See for yourself the massive difference between images made with V3 and V2. The V3 images are notably more lifelike.

Prompt: a blue blazer made of linen on a light background

Improved prompt understanding

Gone are the days of unexpectedly funny results with V2. We now understand your intentions much better.

Prompt: a Christmas hoodie with a deer on a light background

Color guidance

The randomness of the AI meant we needed extra tools for more control. Now you can use the colors in your sketch to guide the generation process.

Prompt: a black low-top sneaker made of suede with red accents, black shoelaces, white sole

Sketch with colors to guide image generation
Image generated with NewArc V3 using the colors from the sketch
Image generated with NewArc V2

Just the beginning

We see more opportunities to give you more control over the image generation process. We're developing new features to help you bring your vision to life even faster. So stay tuned!

We can't wait to see what you create with NewArc V3.

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