What You’ve Created With NewArc.ai in March 2024

What You’ve Created With NewArc.ai in March 2024

When we were creating NewArc.ai, we never envisioned it to replace real designers. Quite contrary, we were after something very different. We wanted to build a tool that would help artists truly unleash their creative genius, so we could selfishly enjoy the results.

And we’ve been very successful achieving this goal. With every tag of NewArc.ai in social media, we get to witness something stunningly beautiful, novel, and refreshing. All thanks to you – our wonderfully talented users. 

Here are some highlights that we’ve particularly enjoyed this month.

AD Martinez – Sneakerhead Designer from New Mexico, US

Manaza Ishaque – UK-Based Freelance Fashion Designer Working With Global Brands

Fernando Francis – footwear design enthusiast 

Belen – creative designer from Argentina

Ilinca Trif – Senior Footwear Designer at Brands-360 Who Regularly Experiments With NewArc.ai And Midjourney And Compares Results

Roksana Stepniewska – a final year student at Heriot-Watt University School of Textiles and Design

Bryan Cioffi – Co-founder of (Meg/Bryan) Design Agency (US)

Alexandra Serban – Recruiter, Business Developer and AI Fashion Artist from Romania

Trudy Barrow, Design education specialist from UK – and her students

Share Your Work With Us

We love to see how NewArc.ai helps designers create such works of art – so please share the joy with us! Tag us on social media to get featured on our pages and blog wrap-ups.

Stay tuned for the next updates!