Top 5 AI Tools for Fashion Designers

Everyone is talking about leveraging AI in almost every step we make (yes, even breathing – literally). But what does it actually mean – beyond typing yet another prompt into ChatGPT4 or Midjourney? In particular, what do creative professionals like designers gain from it, aside from a bit of ideation boost?

What’s true is that, these days there is an AI for everything – including fashion design. But rather than spending hours of your life taming Midjourney or bareback Stable Diffusion, it’s much more practical to explore specialised instruments tailored to the specific needs of the fashion industry. 

Here are a few AI fashion design tools that are likely to accelerate your creative processes and speed them up – so you don’t have to waste your precious time on tedious, boring routine. 

5 Best AI Tools for Designers to Use in 2024

Pick Your Colours: Khroma


Khroma is an AI-powered tool for exploring color combinations and palettes. The platform leverages personalized algorithms to learn your color preferences, enabling the generation of limitless palettes based on your specific tastes. Intuitive and still free to use (check it out while it’s in beta version!), Khroma is an ideal tool to get you started on planning your new collection or a statement piece.


  • Color Palette Generation: Khroma allows designers to quickly find and save color combinations that work best. By learning from the user's color preferences, Khroma tailors its color suggestions to match individual tastes.
  • Filtering and Customization: Users can filter the color generator by hue, tint, value, and other parameters, allowing for precise control over the color selection process to meet specific design requirements.
  • Comprehensive Color Information: Khroma offers detailed information for each color pair, including color names, hex codes, RGB values, CSS codes, and WCAG accessibility ratings, ensuring designers have all the necessary details at their fingertips.

Create Your Designs: is the go-to tool for instant sketch-to-image generation and visual prototyping. With this platform, you can upload your sketch and get photorealistic visuals of your product in 10 seconds.

Gone are the days when you had to spend hours meticulously redrawing your concepts in Photoshop or other advanced designer software solutions: now you can click a button and instantly see a photorealistic visualisation of your ideas. The platform creates high-quality design concepts from simple inputs like line drawings, hand sketches, or photographs.  


  • Instant Sketch-to-Image Generation: Quickly transforms sketches into photorealistic visuals.
  • Customizable Design Exploration: Allows users to experiment with different colors, materials, and creative variations.You can even choose how creative you want AI to be, or what you’d rather avoid (especially if you’ve got specific colours or fabrics that you dislike).
  • In-built Editing Tools: Fine-tune your favourite AI-generated design until you get the exact concept you envision. 

Present Your Collection Online:

Next on the list is, a great asset for fashion marketers and designers who dread the logistics and costs of arranging photo shoots. This platform utilises AI to generate high-quality, realistic images featuring models showcasing your designs. All you have to do is to upload the visuals of your designs – that’ll be enough for to produce professional images tailored for your upcoming campaigns or portfolios. This tool not only saves time but also reduces costs typically associated with traditional photography, such as photographer fees and studio expenses. Perfect for small indie brands and startups looking to elevate their visual content at low to no cost.


  • AI-Generated Model Images: Creates lifelike images of models wearing your designs using advanced AI technology.
  • On-Demand Diversity and Inclusivity: can generate ethnically diverse digital models – perfect for brands targeting different demographics and markets.
  • Various Additional Instruments: also offers an array of AI tools for editing your images, such as background remover, photo editor, and a few more. 

Imagine being able to predict next season's hot trends based on real-time data analytics – that's what Heuritech offers: it’s your main ally trend forecasting. Utilizing AI to scan millions of images across social media, it identifies emerging trends before they hit the mainstream. This tool is practical for designers who want to ensure their concepts are always ahead of the fashion curve. For creative professionals keen on being trendsetters rather than followers, Heuritech provides a clear window into the evolving preferences and styles that define the pulse of fashion.


  • Trend & Demand Prediction: The software provides AI-powered predictive analytics to forecast upcoming fashion trends with precision.
  • Sustainability Insights: Supports sustainable practices by offering data-driven recommendations for eco-friendly production and design choices.
  • Collaboration Tools: Facilitates team collaboration by providing a platform for sharing insights, trends, and analysis within the organization.

Protect Your Creations: Dupe Killer

Dupe Killer

Developed by Deloitte, Dupe Killer is your best defense against copycats. This AI tool scans the internet for designs similar to yours, protecting your unique concepts from being duplicated. It's an essential tool for maintaining the integrity of your brand and ensuring your designs stay one-of-a-kind. Such tools for protecting intellectual property empower designers and brands to preserve the exclusivity of their concepts. Beyond just safeguarding against imitations, Dupe Killer helps uphold the integrity and reputation of your brand, guaranteeing that your audience always associates your label with your very own signature features.


  • Copycat Detection: The platform scans online platforms and social media to pinpoint copycat products.
  • Customizable Sensitivity: Allows users to adjust the matching engine's sensitivity for tailored detection parameters.
  • Proactive Monitoring: Provides proactive insights into copycat activities, including where and how prolifically they occur.

Discover additional mobile-friendly AI tools for fashion designers that can serve as great inspiration for you.

Learn From Top Brands Using AI

Still unsure if a true designer should use AI? Here are a few cases of top global brands using AI in designing their collections for your inspiration:

Collina Strada: Hillary Taymour used AI for Spring 2024 to create runway sculptures, clothing patterns, and prints.

Source: Launchmetrics Spotlight

Bach Mai and Monse utilized AI to develop prints in their Fall 2024 collections.

Source: Launchmetrics Spotlight

Valentino introduced an AI-powered campaign called 'Essential' in January, creating images through a generative text-to-image system (doesn’t it remind you of

Source: Valentino

Moncler teamed up with Maison Meta for an AI-powered campaign during London Fashion Week, releasing machine-generated images.

Source: Moncler

G-Star Raw released its first denim couture piece designed using AI technology in March, showcasing the potential of AI in fashion design.

Source: G-Star Raw

To Sum Up

From instant visualisation with to market insights with Heuritech, these AI solutions are designed to enhance your creativity, protect your originality, and ensure your designs resonate with your audience. Consider these AI tools not as replacements for your work, but as powerful allies that amplify your abilities and bring your imaginative concepts to life.

To kick-off or continue exploring your journey in mastering AI, play around with sketch-to-image generation – it’s free to try!