What you've created in June 2024

What you've created in June 2024

It’s summertime – which in the world of design usually means brighter colours, bolder concepts and lots of swimwear, and our creative community is slaying the trends (as they always do!). Let’s take another tour into the world of imagination – full of futuristic sneakers, couture wear and beautiful landscapes (if only we could generate our summer vacation destinations the same way we can do with digital fashion!)

Some Designers We Always Keep an Eye On:

AD Martinez – Sneakerhead Designer from New Mexico, US and his signature multicoloured, bold shoewear

Joleen Fabriel (@joleengabriel) – US/UAE based swimwear designer revealing her latest burkini concept

Trif Studio is back with an extended range of garments – this time with a tennis wear collection!

New Finds Of The Month

Sarah Koriya – UK-based freelance designer and her beautiful lingerie set

Carlos Melgar – Men outerwear, sportswear and swimwear designer at ZEROEXPOSUR

Omnia Ahmed – 3D designer based in Cairo giving it a go with NewArc.ai

Rodrigo Closs – founder of a footwear design Studio 3CN based in China

Jeff Mokos - US-based footwear design & innovation consultant with a futuristic outlook

Apparel Technical Sketch Archive – an apparel design & development consultancy in Hong-Kong

Ashley Love – a fashion design professor based in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, USA

Edward Eyth – a legendary creative arts professional and university professor based in Georgia, US, envisioning beautiful architectural landscapes

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Till next month!