What You’ve Created With NewArc.ai in April 2024

What You’ve Created With NewArc.ai in April 2024

At NewArc.ai, one of the things we love most about our job is seeing all the breathtaking designs that our clients come up with. From colorful AI-generated sneakers to sleek gowns and even vehicles – if this is the future we’ll be living in (thanks to the synergy of designers and AI!), we’re really looking forward to it!

Here are some posts we’ve been tagged in over the past month, and particularly enjoyed. 

Andrea Doering – Berlin-based digital & physical fashion design expert lecturing at AMD Akademie Mode & Design

On top of visualising her fashion design concepts, Andrea has also been experimenting with creating set designs with NewArc.ai – and we’re absolutely mindblown with the result:

Check out the animated version of the set created by Andrea on her page.

Adhi Kurniawan – Indonesia-based designer working with Adidas

Katie Royce – freelance activewear designer from Canada

AD Martinez – Sneakerhead Designer from New Mexico, US (our permanent source of inspiration!)

Alexey Kashin – another Berlin-based design wizard specializing in graphic design

Sejuti Islam – fashion designer & digital artist based in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Nanneke Linders - van den Boom – apparel/print & pattern designer from The Randstad, Netherlands 

Watch the whole video to see all variations of the design on Nanneke’s page.

Iva Marinova – also a Netherlands-based 3D and AI Pro Fashion designer

Watch the whole video with all swimsuit variations on Iva’s page.

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