From Sketch to Showstopper: How British Designer Manaza Ishaque Went Viral With

From Sketch to Showstopper: How British Designer Manaza Ishaque Went Viral With

From high-fashion runways to everyday essentials, Manaza Ishaque's designs have graced a wide range of products and collections. A UK-based, multi-talented designer with experience in denim, knitwear, outerwear, and more, Manaza's work has found a home with major brands like Burberry, Bentley and MaxMara. But for Manaza, the challenge often wasn't translating her creative vision – it was turning those ideas into reality quickly and efficiently…

Until AI entered the picture. Well, not every AI. In fact, it’s our very own that turned out to be the exact tool Manaza needed to present her concepts to potential clients – much to our delight!

Here’s what happened. 

From Sketch to Render in Seconds 

Manaza, a seasoned designer with a rich portfolio spanning various garments for global brands likeTopman, Playboy, H&M, faced a hurdle familiar to many designers: the time-consuming nature of professional 3D design software like Clo 3D. While her main tool for sketching concepts has always been Adobe Illustrator, breathing life into those sketches remained a challenge for a long time.

Companies Manaza has worked with
"I always wanted to learn 3D software, but the time commitment was just too much as I have very tight deadlines where I produce over 50 designs for a single range. Softwares like Clo3D is time consuming for my business model as a design agency. As a designer, you need to be nimble, adapt to client needs, and churn out ideas fast. When I saw what could do, I was intrigued. The idea of quickly transforming my sketches into realistic clothing with folds and textures, without spending weeks learning complex software, was incredibly appealing. The visual quality of realism produced by New Arc far exceeds the 3D software in my opinion."

Discovering was a game-changer. With a few clicks, Manaza could easily generate photorealistic renders of her designs from flat 2D sketches. The software draped the fabric realistically, replicating the soft sheen of silk or the cozy weight of wool. It was like having a virtual tailor on hand, ready to transform her ideas into stunning visuals. This not only sped up her workflow but also allowed her to experiment with different designs and iterations much faster than before.

Results Didn’t Go Unnoticed 

"My first project with was an outerwear collection. The response was phenomenal.."

While exploring the capabilities of, Manaza published a post with her freshly generated outer wear collection on LinkedIn. Within a matter of days, the post gathered thousands of impressions and hundreds of likes. 

At the time of the publication, Manaza's post gathered over 57K views
The collection was spotted by top global fashion brand

Prospective clients loved the realistic textures and details. Consequently, dozens of messages and meeting requests started flooding her inbox. She received interest from senior directors from some of the top fashion industry brands as well as suppliers who were willing to discuss partnership. Just a week after her post went live, her calendar was booked with meetings.

"The exposure has been fantastic. It's opened up new opportunities for collaborations and projects that I wouldn't have had the time for otherwise." As a Boost for Creativity

One of the features Manaza finds most inspiring about is its ability to suggest unexpected color combinations and textures. It's like having a creative brainstorming partner by your side, constantly throwing out fresh ideas that push your designs in exciting new directions. This added a layer of creative flexibility to her designs, making them even more appealing to clients.

"For instance, I told the AI to create ombre cream to pink jacket, and it added pink in areas I hadn't thought of. It was a pleasant surprise that enhanced the overall design, which was in fact a better design than I visualised myself.”

Conclusion: AI - A Designer's Right Hand, Not Replacement

Manaza sees not just as software, but as a trusted ally in fashion design.

"In a few years, where this technology will go is mind-blowing. It's already an integral part of my business model." 

However, Manaza is clear that AI isn't a replacement for a designer's creative spark. 

"AI enhances a good designer's work. The finer details, the human touch – that still comes from the designer. has shown me how AI can be a powerful ally in fashion design, freeing me up to focus on what I do best: creating."
Manaza's latest summer collection

If you too are looking for powerful tools to streamline your design workflow and deliver captivating concept presentations to potential clients, we’ve got your back. Try today – who knows where your creative flow will take you!

For design collaborations, please reach out to Manaza Ishaque directly.